Bushfire Protection

Ember Protection Sprinkler System

Get professional installation of the Platypus bushfire sprinkler system for maximum home fire protection.

Call us today to schedule a quote. Andy will discuss your needs and talk you through different options. We will then provide a written fixed price quote.

Sprinkler Designed for Fire Ember Protection

sprinkler system designed for maximum protection from ember attack in the event of a bushfire.

Any home, office or building that is close to a bushfire prone area should consider installing the latest in ember protection to protect loved ones and valuable assets.

The Platypus sprinkler system:

  • Sprays water onto house roof keeping gutters wet.
  • Provides a curtain effect surrounding the building and ground.
  • Additional sprinklers can target and protect decking handrails, gable ends, solar panels, and any other areas at risk of debris.

Bushfire protections sprinkler heads are usually mounted around the perimeter of the building in close proximity to the spouting. They can also be fitted to the ridgeline, and any other areas at risk from embers.

Platypus® Ember Protection System Benefits

Superior in High Wind Condition

The unique design features of the Platypus bushfire protection sprinkler make it more effective in high wind conditions than standard butterfly sprinklers. It is high winds that cause ember attack.

Platypus’s innovative system removed the need for an outer support frame typically found on inferior butterfly sprinklers. A frame results in very small droplets which are more likely to be effected by wind.

The Platypus Sprinkler sprays larger water droplets. They are sprayed “out and down” somewhat like rain rather than up in the air.

Tests show water sprayed from our sprinkler head is less wind affected because of water droplet size and the downward direction of water spray.

The Platypus bush fire protection Sprinkler

Installation Options

Bush fire sprinkler system protecting shed

New Home and Building Construction

Installing the Platypus Platypus bushfire protection sprinkler system during the construction of new homes and buildings means the pipework can be concealed more effectively. 

Retrofitting Existing Buildings

Existing homes, offices and other commercial buildings can be easily and cost-effectively retrofitted. In these cases the sprinkler system will have exposed pipework.

Water Pump

A water pump is required to force water through the dual outlet spinner in a 360° spray pattern. Water pumps can be petrol or diesel-driven pumps. Electrical pumps can also be used but a backup system is recommended. 

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Sue H
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Andy completed a bathroom for me. He was really fast and efficient, he had a great attitude to getting the best job done. He worked well with the other suppliers coordinating best time to complete his part of the job across all stages of the build. Would recommend!
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